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HOA Committee(s) Volunteer/Recruitment Annual Meeting (New)
By Clint Herbert, President on January 22, 2023
The Lorton Valley Homeowners Association Board of Directors (LVHOA BoD) announce we are hosting our inaugural annual meeting for the purpose of welcoming and familiarizing our volunteer residents who are ready to step up (or who have already stepped up), and support the various committees the HOA has to assist the BoD in managing our community. We also will use this forum to recruit additional volunteers to join the ranks of residents already volunteering. We have numerous committees that continue to require interested and committed residents (homeowner and tenant alike) who can lend their time and talent to reinventing and reinvigorating these committees with an eye towards creating and sustaining community events, improving community communications, ensuring compliance with community policies and guidelines, adjudicating violations of community covenants, and ensuring common areas are maintained and used properly.

The committees listed below are in need of your interest and commitment. There are no term limits...you volunteer until you decide you are done!

1. Architectural Review Covenants Committee (ARCC):

Chair:  Lona Gordon

Members:   Shirley Levitzke, Jennifer Randall, Tobin Miller

Meeting frequency/dates/times/location: Application reviews/discussion violation hearings, generally conducted via the web. Meetings held according to the following schedule:

Details/Remarks: Consisting of a Chair with a minimum of three (3) members the ARCC ensures membership compliance with established Design and Maintenance Standards  for all homes, and specific policies implemented by the HOA Board of Directors.  Meeting in the community center and via the web, the ARCC reviews and approves/disapproves/ requested modifications to structures, yards and gardens, oversees the conduct of periodic and daily inspections. The ARCC also enforces parking restrictions in driveways, garages, street-side and parking lot parking. To access and review/download a copy of The Lorton Valley Community Design and Maintenance Standards.

2. Facilities and Grounds Committee

Chair: Acting Chair: Clint Herbert

Members: 0

Meeting frequency/dates/times/location: Meetings may be conducted via the web. Periodic walk-arounds conducted to assess common areas.

Details/Remarks: Consisting of a Chair and minimum of three (3) additional members, the F&GC oversees the operation of the Community Club, Fitness Center, and Swimming Pool. The F&GC is further responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of all community common grounds, private community roadways, playgrounds, entry ways, street signs and street lights; and for coordinating with local police for traffic enforcement (e.g., illegal parking in common area/visitors lots, illegal parking alongside community streets, speeding, etc.). 

3. Social Committee

Chair: TBD

Members: 0

Meeting frequency/dates/times/location: As directed by the Social Committee Chair

Details/Remarks: Comprised of a Chair and a minimum of three (3) additional members the SC develops and hosts special social events such as a New Resident Welcome Social, (held quarterly), Pool Cook-outs, and Night Swim, Fall Festival, Seasonal Ice Cream Socials, Wine Tasting, and any other Social events that may arise.

4. Communications Committee

Chair: Clint Herbert (Temporary-Volunteer Communications Committee Chair needed)

Members: 0

Meeting frequency/dates/times/location: Scheduled as needed

Details/Remarks: Consisting of a Communications Chair and one (1) to two (2) additional members the CC oversees all Community Communications media (e.g., webpage,  newsletter, global messaging, emergency notifications, etc.).

If you have an interest in sharing some of your time and talent please come to the Community Center Meeting Room on Wednesday, 25 January 2023 at 7:00 pm to learn about the volunteer opportunities available and hear how they function. Coffee, tea and cookies will be served. Direct further questions to our Property Manager, Mr. Randy Kline.

Board of Directors
Lorton Valley HOA

Dog Waste/Dog Trespassing on Private Property
By Clint Herbert on January 4, 2023
Dear Lorton Valley Homeowners and Residents,

Over the course of the years here in Lorton Valley the Property Management and Board of Directors have been faithfully and aggressively fighting the good fight regarding dog owners failing (refusing) to pick up their pet's waste or continually allowing their dog to enter (encroach) on others' property. In our continuing efforts we have recently spoken with Fairfax County Authorities regarding new and more enlightened processes we as a community can take. While the HOA can and will continue to aggressively pursue those pet owners who allow their pets to defecate in and around the common areas; to include our playgrounds, the county have made us aware of a program of direct benefit to you the homeowner: Homeowners in Fairfax County are able to download a form letter (available on our website) with which you may communicate with the offending neighbor regarding allowing their pet to enter your property. Allowing a pet to enter another's property is a violation of Fairfax County Code Section 41.1-2-15. "Permitting animals to trespass", which can result in a $250 fine and a Class 4 misdemeanor on the individuals criminal record. Please take the time to understand this advisory and take the necessary action to properly control your pet. Period!

Cleaning up after your pet is NOT Optional! Nor is keeping them leashed or NOT housing them outside!

Please contact our Property Manager, Mr. Randy Kline for further information and/or assistance in understanding this communication.

Lorton Valley HOA
Board of Directors

P.S. This letter may, from time to time, be updated to reflect changes in county law.
2023 Monthly Assessment
By Clint Herbert on January 3, 2023
Dear Lorton Valley Homeowners ,

New 2023 Budget information was mailed out the first part of December 2022. Coupon Books were also mailed out except for those individuals who are actively signed up with ClickPay as an Auto Pay contributor.  The Board of Directors have determined the necessity to increase our assessments for 2023 from $126 to $132.00 per month starting 1 January, 2023.  Please ensure you take the necessary steps to adjust your withdrawals accordingly to avoid incorrect and/or late payment. Please see the instruction letter and budget explanation sheet provided in the aforementioned letter.  Any questions should be directed to our Property Manager, Mr. Randy Kline.

There is also ClickPay information so that you can sign up for Auto Pay, Make a onetime payment, or contact ClickPay.  You will have to contact your Bank if you have auto pay through them.  To review payments or past account information contact the Customer Care staff at 1-866-433-3187 or  email  AR.DCMetro@fsresidential.com.  To access your account and other home information, sign up on the FirstService Website http://dcmetro.fsrconnect.com .  This website will allow you to review your account, change your mailing address, access association forms, order resale documents and like items. Thank you for choosing Lorton Valley as your home!

Board of Directors
Lorton Valley HOA

Click Pay 
Budget Letter 
Budget Document


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Upcoming Events
Critical Community-Wide Homeowners Vote
Sunday, January 8th to Tuesday, January 31st
Dear Homeowner,
The Lorton Valley Homeowners Association wish you and yours a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!  As a reminder in this new year, it is crucially important that you, as a homeowner, submit your vote on the recommended Annexation of the 30 luxury townhomes scheduled for start construction in 2023.  Participation is essential as the results of this vote will impact our community for years to come. The HOA requires 336 (67%) of the community’s 502 units to vote in the affirmative for annexation.  Any percentage less, the new development will remain a standalone self-managed HOA costing us tens of thousands of dollars annually in lost revenue from monthly assessments via the new subdivision.  We truly need your participation, support, and vote for annexation!
Documents concerning the new townhome subdivision are located at the www.lortonvalley.com website.  The access tab is located on the home page at the lower left column. Please click the tab for “Hughes Property Development”.  This will direct you to previously mailed information about the new townhome property for your review.
You will also notice that you can continue to download a paper ballot and submit it to the Community Manager Randy Kline, Randy.Kline@fsresidential.com either at the onsite office or placed into the lockbox located inside the Community Clubhouse near the water fountain. An online voting link has also been established for your convenience.  Specific instructions will be sent to you via email from “Vote-Now” to gain access to the Electronic Ballot.  All voting platforms (i.e., paper ballot, electronic ballot) will initially run through January 31, 2023.  Continuing on or about 31 January 2023,  the HOA will began a phone campaign targeting to those who have not yet voted followed by a door to door visit for those homeowners living in the community who continue being non-responsive.  Those absentee homeowners living outside the community will be contacted by phone, email, and certified letter until we are able to encourage you to participate as a proper stakeholder in your HOA community!  Indeed, regardless of your current status, resident or absentee homeowner, HOA supporter or not, it is your obligation and responsibility to engage in self-governance for your HOA community.
Thank you in advance for participating in this critical vote.
Board of Directors
Lorton Valley HOA

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